Unbox With Me: January’s New Year, New Heaux Amber Rose Box

So as y’all know, Amber Rose Box is a monthly subscription box curated by MUVA Amber Rose herself, full of beauty, fashion, safe and fun sex tools and activism materials! Having FOMO? Get urs today

Happy New Year, Heauxs! January’s SlutBox was a collaboration between Salty and Amber Rose Box! Our zine this month featured articles by Salty, along with your usual fave features like Rosebud of the Month and January horoscopes. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t wait for this Salty x Amber Rose Box collaboration box to drop! So enough talking about the box, let’s get unboxing!

What’s Inside January’s SlutBox:

One Condoms – UltraFeel 2-In-1 Latex Condoms ($1.50)
FOUR Organics – Lip Balm ($6.00)
Be Appeeling™  – Surprise Pasties ($8.00)
b-Vibe – Guide To Anal Play Booklet ($5.00)
Not Pot – Vegan CBD Gummies ($39.99)
L.O.V. – Blush Liason Dewy Gel Blush Stick ($13)
Raeka Beauty – Turmeric-Cucumber Peel Off Mask ($8)
Jersey Shore Cosmetics – Salty B!tch Bath Salts ($27.50)

Let’s take a look inside!

January Box
| One Condoms – UltraFeel 2-In-1 Latex Condoms ($1.50)

I’m a lube queen. That means I have tubes and bottles in my night-stand, in my Hoe-To-Go bag, and in my bathroom cabinet. The worst thing is fumbling around with a tube or bottle of lube in the heat of the moment. That’s why I loved One Condoms UltraFeel 2-In-1 Condoms with a packet of lube attached!

January Box | FOUR Organics – Lip Balm ($6.00)

Turns out, the perfect lip balm has just four simple, organic ingredients. Beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba oil and peppermint oil. All in one convenient, sleekly-designed black tube. 

January Box | Be Appeeling™  – Surprise Pasties ($8.00)

This month, each Slut got a surprise pair of pasties from Be Appeeling – the options were Fantasy Florette (pretty glittery petals), Butter My Fly (totally 90s glitter butterflies), Love Sorbet (sparkling sweet hearts), Twinkle D’Amour (glittering stars), Lolita Lust (multi-shimmering glitter hearts) or Gigi Champagne (flower sequin reusable pasties). I got a pair of Love Sorbet heart-shaped glitter pasties. So cute! Which pair did you snag? 

January Box | b-Vibe – Guide To Anal Play Booklet ($5.00)

If you’ve ever been curious about anal play, Amber Rose Box and b-Vibe has your back. This convenient booklet has everything you need to know about anal play, safety and aftercare. Whether you’re an anal play expert or a total newbie (no shame!) this booklet might just teach you a thing or two!

January Box | Not Pot – Vegan CBD Gummies ($39.99)

This might be my favorite item this month! A month’s supply of delicious, vegan strawberry-flavored gummy bears packed with 10MG of non-psychoactive CBD from Not Pot! Plus I gotta say, I love Not Pot’s social justice angle. (ICYMI Not Pot partners with The Bail Project, a non-profit organization designed to combat mass incarceration through a national bail fund. Every month, Not Pot pays bail for one person in need.) Relax, chill out and feel good about how you’re doin’ it! 

January Box | L.O.V. – Blush Liason Dewy Gel Blush Stick ($13)

A favorite from August’s Amber Rose Box, this unique gel-formula cream blush gives the softest, prettiest dewy glow! The peachy-coral shade flatters every skin tone, and the gel formula blends seamlessly into my skin (or into any foundation or BB cream). I was so happy to get a second one!

January Box | Raeka Beauty – Turmeric-Cucumber Peel Off Mask ($8)

I’ll admit, I’m not always the biggest fan of peel-off masks. They’re messy, and often painful – especially if you have any facial hair (even peach fuzz!). This mask, however, might have changed my mind. The turmeric is anti-inflammatory and pore-tightening, while the cucumber is super cooling and calming for a pain-free masking experience!

January Box | Jersey Shore Cosmetics – Salty B!tch Bath Salts ($27.50)

The minute I opened this box, I was greeted by the sweet smell of these Salty B!tch Bath Salts from Jersey Shore Cosmetics! I can’t get enough of this gorgeous scent, and the dried rose petals in the salt mix are sooo pretty! I’ll definitely be ordering a full size of these salts!

Amber Rose Box’s first collaboration box was one of my favorites! IMHO, January’s #NewYearNewHeaux Box was the perfect mix of luxe cosmetics, CBD goodness, sexy treats and of course the first ever Salty x Amber Rose Box zine! I loved this box and I really can’t wait to see what MUVA has in store for us for February!

What was your fave item from the January Amber Rose Box?

Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for next month’s unboxing! <3


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xoxo, Muva