August 2018

The Body Electric

Valued at $125.37

Feel the Body Electric with MUVA’s sexiest picks for the hottest month of the year! August’s SlutBox is all about body positivity. It’s about feeling sexy, feeling empowered, and feeling yourself. So come on, babes. Treat yo’ self. You deserve it!

Inside The Body Electric:

  • $uper Luxe Fullsize Cosmetics
  • Safer sex tools for u and bae
  • Skincare to keep u glowin'
  • A sexy surprise bonus
ONE Condoms, Satin Assorted Flavors Latex Dental Dams

This month we’re bringing you a pack of 5 Satin Dental Dams in super delish flavors like Wildberry, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Spearmint! These are the only oral dams on the market with a hermetically sealed package, and they’ve been cleared by both the FDA and the EU so you know they’re safe to use.

ONE Condoms, Fit Kit

To use the Fit Kit, simply whip out the Fit Kit, whip out your (hard!) d*ck (or your partner’s d*ck, or your strap-on dildo - whatever your style!) and measure the length and width. Once you have the measurements, enter your size code when ordering online and you can even snag a free sample kit!

The Better Skin Co., Mirakle Cream + $10 Gift Card

This ingredient-rich recipe is imported all the way from the Republic of Uzbekistan and handcrafted in the USA with skin-loving ingredients like rich coconut oil, sea buckthorn, shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe and soothing algae, plus peptides and hyaluronic acid for smooth, radiant healthy skin.

Queen V, P.S. I Lube You

Lube up as needed to supplement your body’s natural moisture and to bring your next bang sesh to a whole new level. Reapply liberally and often and make sure to keep this baby within arm’s reach!

L.O.V., Blush Liason Dewy Gel Blush Stick

This dewy gel blush gives your skin the healthiest, glowiest finish with a just-saw-your-crush flush. The 2-in-1- stick package is jet-set ready for application on the go, and the creamy gel blush formula spreads effortlessly on your cheeks, melting into foundation, bare skin or bb-cream for a radiant shine.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Liquid Lipstick in Dusty Rose

This unique full pigment matte formula dries instantly into a weitghtless powder for smudge-proof all-day wearability. This full-coverage pigment gives a punch of high-impact color without that drying, crusty finish. Dusty Rose is a totally gorgeous rosey nude that flatters all skin tones.

We Are Fierce As Fuck, Fierce As Fuck Door Hanger

Whether you live at home with your folks, with roommates or in a dorm, never get walked in on again with this dope door hanger from Fierce As Fuck! Forget the old necktie-over-the-doorknob and let Fierce As Fuck upgrade ya. This Door Hanger lets everybody know what’s goin’ down!

Bathouse Soapery & Calderium, Hot Southern Mess

This hand-sliced beautifully marbled soap is scented with poppy, pomegranate, osmanthus, sugar cane and a good ol’ splash of Southern charm, sugar! Plus it’s formulated with organic coconut oil, organic sustainable palm oil, spring water, and activated charcoal for a scrub down you won’t soon forget.

Esoteric Life, Medium Raw Brazilian Rose Quartz Stone & Intention Card

Rose Quartz activates the Heart Chakra, and is widely believed to restore trust and harmony in relationships and to enhance your love of beauty in yourself and others. The Rose Quartz from Esoteric Life comes with an Affirmation Card that tells you more about the crystal and its metaphysical properties.

Self Love Supply, More Self Love Sticker Pack

Self Love Supply is an online space for mental health advocacy, body love and intersectional feminism. SLS also runs a YouTube channel and podcast called Take Me Seriously, which tackles issues of self care, feminism, and personal experience! How dope is that?

CannaSmack, Vegan Hemp Lip Balm

These silky smooth balms are infused with premium hemp seed oil paired with a kiss of antioxidants, vitamins A, B, D, E and essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 for unbeatable hydration and a kissable pout. This month, each Slut will receive one CannaSmack Vegan Hemp Lip Balm in either Wild Orange Crush, Bubblegum Kush, Passionfruit Haze, or Happy Tokes Watermelon! Groovy, dude!

A Sexy Surprise!

Since this month is alllll about loving every inch of what makes you unique and sexy, we’ve put together a little package of some of our past favorites (and some new surprises) to electrify your bod and make you feel oh-so-good. Show off your surprise and tag us with #myslutbox

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