February 2019

Stupid Cupid

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Hey babes!

Happy V-Day to my slutty Valentines! February is one of my favorite months of the year, and I bet you can guess why! Love is in the air, all the stores are packed with cupids and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and everyone’s in a good mood thinking about getting lucky on Valentine’s night!  

Whether you’ve got a Valentine this year or you’re flyin’ solo, SlutBox wants you to know that we’re crushin’ on you. The box this month is all about celebrating love, whether that’s love in your romantic relationship(s), love in your platonic relationships, or love with yourself. ALL love is valid, nourishing, and makes us feel whole. So let’s celebrate love together!

Happy Valentine’s Day lovebugs!

  • Gorgeous Lashes
  • Sexxxxy Treats
  • Surprise V-Day Kisses!
Pjur Love, Original Lube (30 ML)

Pjur Love Original is the world’s premiere, super-concentrated silicone personal lubricant formula. Designed to give you a super-slippery, never sticky, long-lasting slick that sticks with you no matter what kinda monkey business you get up to! Pjur Love personal lubricants are hypoallergenic, latex barrier safe, and ideal for daily use. Formulated with medical grade ingredients, this lube is safe for anybody. Wetter is better, baby! Use Pjur Love Original Lube as a personal lubricant or as a massage gel for hotter, longer, better sex.

Sustain Natural, 3 Pack Condoms

Green is sexy! These ultra thin condoms from Sustain Natural are super-natural. They’re free from animal by-products and chemicals of concern like nitrosamines, parabens, and GMO ingredients, and they’re cruelty free, FDA cleared and FSC Certified! Made with fair trade natural rubber latex and triple tested for safety and quality, these ultra-thin condoms let you get extra close, hot, and heavy without sacrificing your safety or your peace of mind. Plus, each condom is lubricated both inside and out for added comfort and pleasure.

Empire Labs, Toy Cleaner (1oz)

Sex toys are somethin’ everybody can benefit from. But if you’re using sex toys on yourself or especially if you’re sharing them with another person, it’s SO important to keep ‘em clean. Dirty toys can cause nasty infections, and sharing improperly cleaned toys with a partner can actually transmit STIs between you and bae. Yikes! That’s why this month I’m sending you Empire Labs’ Toy Cleaner!

OG Lashes, Custom SlutBox Lashes

*Wink wink!* This month I’m sooo excited to send my favorite babes a stunning pair of CUSTOM mink lashes from OG Lashes! Made from 100% cruelty-free mink, these ultra fluttery lightweight lashes instantly upgrade any look. Lashes are my favorite part of doin’ my makeup - I just don’t feel done without a pair of lashes on! I love OG Lashes because they’re gorgeous, high-quality, and totally affordable. OG Lashes was created for babes ballin’ on a budget, so that EVERYONE can experience the beauty and luxury of 100% mink lashes.

Appeal Cosmetics, Liquid Pigment, Charcoal, Army Green, Bronze or Pearl

I’m SO excited to bring y’all something new from one of my fave makeup brands - Appeal Cosmetics! This month, each of my babes will receive a Liquid Pigment from Appeal Cosmetics in either Charcoal, Army Green, Bronze or Pearl White! These pigments are loose powders with a big, BIG color payout. Charcoal is a sultry, grey-black shimmery color. Army Green is a deep green with iridescent flecks. Bronze is a gorgeous shimmering metallic and Pearl White is an angelic, pearlescent white that also look bomb as a highlight. Which color did you snag?

SlutBox Custom “Yes SlutBox” Cuffs

These sexxxxy faux-fur lined handcuffs will have you saying “Yes SlutBox!” Just in time for V-Day, I’m sending each of my babes a pair of these supercute play handcuffs to use on bae (or your next lucky victim). If you’re a practiced kinkster or you’re new at the kink game and feelin’ curious about trying out BDSM for the first time, these cuffs will give it to you gooood. Each pair of cuffs is lined with bright red faux-fur for comfort and a little old-school sex appeal. Oh, and these cuffs come with 2 keys, just in case you happen to lose one.

Valentine’s Day Surprise Kiss!

Pucker up, buttercup! This month, to celebrate one of my FAVE hoelidays, I’m sending y’all each a surprise past SlutBox fave lip product! Each of my hoes will get either: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Dusty Rose SkinChemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump Appeal Cosmetics Lipstick Lip Slut F*ck Trump Liquid Lipstick + A Surprise Lip Balm Melt Cosmetics Lipstick + A Surprise Lip Balm I chose these lipsticks for their gorgeous shades, and their ability to rock with you even after a high-intensity makeout sesh!

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