July 2018

Let Freakdom Ring

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Let your freakdom ring with our hottest picks in beauty, body, activism and knowing your rights! Get out there and vote baby! There’s nothing freakier than exercising your right to vote.

Our July SlutBox has everything to need to stay sexy, woke, and glowing out there under the summer sun.

Inside Let Freakdom Ring:

  • HOT summer essentials
  • Skincare from the gawds
  • Luxe AF haircare
  • A sexy treat for you and ur boo
Hollywood Fashion Secrets, No-Show Concealers or Hollywood Fashion Tape

This month each babe will get either the No-Show Concealers (an easy-to- apply, hypoallergenic natural-looking nipple concealer) or Fashion Tape (the original easy-to-use clear doublestick apparel and body tape). No-Show Concealers are perfect to wear under t-shirts, sheer tops and dresses, or for when you just wanna run free without a bra or undershirt. Hollywood Fashion Tape keeps bra straps from slipping, prevents those pesky blouse gaps between buttons, secures plunging necklines, keeps wrap styles secured and even holds belts and scarves in place!

Appreal Cosmetics, Luxurious Lipstick

This month, we’ve hand-picked the hottest shades from Appeal’s line for our babes! A favorite with celebs and models on and off-duty, nothing competes with these vibrant shades. Each babe will get one of three superluxe lipsticks - Crush, V or Spank Me. Crush is a gorg bright coral that’ll have everybody crushin’ on you. V is a shocking hottt pink that’d make Barbie jealous, and Spank Me is a sexy, lush deep pink. Which Appeal Cosmetics Luxurious Lipstick did you snag? Pucker up, share a selfie, and don’t forget to tag #SlutBox !

Feminist Sticker Club, Equality 4 All

The Equality 4 All sticker is made out of weatherproof, durable vinyl (so you can stick it on your ride, your bike, or your water bottle)! A little bit about the artist: Mikayla Kruse is the proud daughter of two artists who enjoys working with other women, creating art, and feministing! (PS: her insta is @theillestkitten)

Skin Chemists, Rose Quartz Lip Plump

This lip plump is formulated to hydrate lips and boost them for a fuller pout. The key ingredient Volulip (naturally derived from the Portulaca Pilosa aka the “Kiss Me Quick” plant) stimulates the production of mega-hydrator Hyaluronic Acid. Volulip, along with Vitamin E Oil, plumps and protects lips from chapping and external damage. Peppermint Oil stimulates surface blood circulation and produces a plumping effect. Unlike other lip plumpers that sting and burn, this baby glides on smooth and glossy and feels fresh all night. Pucker up!

Art Naturals, Rose Hydrosol

Even though hydrosols are less concentrated than pure essential oils, this Rose Hydrosol from ArtNaturals possesses just as many aromatherapy and skincare benefits! Spritz on this hydrosol as a hydrating toner, a hair and body mist, a makeup setting spray, or a cooling skin mist for after-sun care! The rose scent is gorgeously floral, warm and slightly woody. To use as a toner, simply wash your face with your fave gentle cleanser, pat dry, and spritz on your skin to tone. Follow up with a moisturizer and SPF!

Candy Prints, I'm Horny! Cherry Lollipop

Start a conversation off on the right food. ;) Satisfy more than your sweet tooth with this delish sucker. Give this lollipop to your lovah to let them know exactly what’s on your mind (or send them a sexy SnapChat -just make sure to lick seductively up, down, and all around).

JJ Young, Mud Sheet Mask in Green Tea or Rosehip

I am a certified sheet mask ADDICT! This month I’m bringing each of my babes the gift of a revitalizing mud sheet mask from K-beauty brand JJ Young! JJ Young Mud Sheet Masks moisturizes and calms skin, controls excess sebum, and leaves pores squeaky clean without irritation. After cleansing, splash on your fave toner to even out your skin. Take the upper portion of the mask, remove the clear film and apply to your forehead area. Next, take the bottom portion of the mask and do the same - ditch the plastic film, and line up the mask with the bottom half of your face. Leave on for 20-40 minutes until the mask is completely dry. Once it’s dry, take both the upper and bottom parts of the mask and remove by gently pulling sideways. Rinse your face with lukewarm water to remove any residue, and pat your face dry. Follow up with a serum and moisturizer (don’t forget SPF!) and you’re ready to glow, babe!

Mixed Chicks, Morning-After Redefining Foam

No need to rewash and restyle - simply re-energize curls and waves with an added boost of curl definition, bounce, and anti-frizz smoothing. Designed for all hair types, Morning After Foam is easy to use, lightly scented, and never leaves behind that unpleasant crunchy texture - this product is a Godsend for travelling and on-the-go beauty. Give your locks new life without the hassle it takes to re-wash, re-dry and re-style a whole head of hair. Simply apply to dry hair to reshape, redefine and freshen hair! Never leave your hookup’s pad with flat, frizzy bedhead again!

Nelson J Beverly Hills, Argan Oil 7 Moisture Healing Hair Mask

This Argan Oil mask from Nelson J is a 8 holy-grail hair product that detangles, controls frizz, prevents hair color fading, seals split ends, protects from chlorine and salt water (hellooooo summer), restores silkiness and shine, and enhances your hair’s natural body. BAM! For a quickie, apply the moisture mask on towel-dried hair after shampooing. Leave on for a couple minutes and rinse. For deeper repair, leave the hair mask in and throw on a plastic shower cap for extra heat retention. Leave for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. For protection against damaging chloride and salt water, thoroughly wet your hair, and apply the hair mask from roots to ends. Comb through with your fingers, and do NOT rinse. Summer hair? Check!

Unicorn Snot, Glitter Gel

Finally - a glitter with no primers or adhesives needed. Simply swipe anywhere you want a little sparkle (cheekbones, on your hair for glitter roots, or all over that body-ody-ody) and go! The gel dries clear and feels lightweight all night - never sticky or crunchy. Cosmetic-grade glitter is safe for sensitive skin, and don’t worry-absolutely no unicorns were harmed in the making of this product! Unicorn Snot is 100% vegan, cruelty free, and certified magical!

Coloured Raine, Exclusive Eyeshadow in Goalz

This month, we’re beyond PSYCHED to bring you an exclusive, totally custom SlutBox eyeshadow shade called Goalz! Coloured Raine’s single-pan eyeshadows feature highly pigmented, long-lasting, blendable color that glides onto skin like melted butter. Goalz is a sickening foil-gold shade that gives a wet metallic effect when applied on your lids. This shade, inspired by SlutBox's aesthetic, is exclusive and will never be sold or used for anything other than July’s SlutBox! How dope is that?

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