October 2019


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We’ve all been there…it’s #spookyszn and sometimes a hoe gets ghosted. You know what’s actually sexy? Being open and honest about your feelings! Not diggin’ someone? Need space? Wanna do the deed and make it work? Just lookin’ for fun? C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-E

I know, I know, it’s scary AF to be real about what you need, but once you do it…oh, baby it just gets hotter from there! Let SlutBox give you a little advice. You’ll feel like your best, sexiest, most confident self once you start standing up for yourself and your needs.

In the meantime…let me take care of your bad self. 😉 So, I put together a lil’ something to make you feel good, healthy, and sexy from the inside out. From your tummy to your booty to your mind, every part of you is beautiful and deserves to be treated that way! Get what you need!

  • Custom Sustainable Tote
  • CBD-infused Sugar Booty Scrub
  • Witchy Make-Up + a Sexy Surprise
SlutBox, Ghosted Sustainable Tote

Who says you’re too old to trick or treat? You’ve got the kinda treats that last all year round. ;) Sustainability is always sexy - use this tote for your next overnight, to the grocery store, or even as a spooky fall statement.

Millennial Beaute, CBD Sugar Scrub – Bud Naked

Give that booty the lovin’ she deserves! Smooth, soothe, and refine your booty with the first ever CBD-infused sugar scrub. Packed with all-natural botanical ingredients, this scrub is designed to lovingly exfoliate, cleanse, and sweet talk your self-care routine like never before.

Medusa Makeup, Witch Lash Mascara

All good (and bad) b*tches need a good mascara in their spellbook. Witch Lash mascara lengthens, strengthens, and volumizes...oh my! Bat those lashes and cast a spell, baby.

Mane Club, Surprise Hair Mask

Nothing says “bad bitch” like a good hair day. I’m sending you one of Mane Club’s amazing hair masks to give your hair the pampering it deserves. Sit back, read up on the election cycle, and make an informed voting decision all while enjoying some self-care.

La Ritzy, Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Honor

The nights are getting longer and you need something that’ll keep up. This long lasting, non-drying matte liquid lip goes on smooth and adapts to your skin tone for a custom fall lip color that’s just for you, boo.

Clean Try On, Original Wipe

You spent a lot of time on that look. Clean Try On’s tidy little hood goes on easy and keeps your makeup where it should be...on your face and not all over your clothes. Now good luck...and don’t f*ck it up!

SlutBox, Spooktacular Surprise

Nothing really good stays gone...so this month I’m bringing back some sexy skeletons in my closet to give you what you need this time of year.

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