How To Masturbate: Our Hands-On Guide To Solo Play

There’s no wrong way to self-love. Masturbation is a totally healthy practice and you should in no way feel ashamed for engaging in it, or perfecting the art of gettin’ your rocks off. No matter what you’re workin’ with, here’s our top tips for mind-blowing solo play!

Set The Mood

Nothing kills your orgasm like fluorescent lighting, distracting background noise, unpleasant smells or a messy room. Treat yourself to a truly relaxing, sensual, and intimate experience by setting the mood. Turn down the lights, put on some music, light a candle. Put on your sexiest lingerie. Try making your bed, or tidying up your room a bit. The less distractions, the better! Oh, and if you live with roommates, kids or your fam, be sure to lock that door!

Explore Your Erogenous Zones

Don’t just skip ahead to the main event! Take some time to really turn yourself on. Build up excitement by playing with your nipples or caressing your thighs and belly. Tease your way slowly to your genitals, exploring your whole body and really ramping up the excitement.

Take Your Time

Don’t rush! While a quickie can be fun (and necessary!) sometimes, masturbation doesn’t have to be a lightning-fast act to get over quickly. Solo play is a healthy part of self-care, so luxuriate in the experience! Take the time to let your mind wander. Start playing through fantasies in your head, as you slowly caress and tease your body.

Lube Is Your BFF

Wetter is better, baby! Lube is just as important for masturbation as it is for sex with a partner or partners. The friction of your hand (or a toy) on your sensitive skin can cause discomfort or even injury. Yikes! Plus, extra slip increases your pleasure, prolongs solo play and boosts your chances for a mind-blowing orgasm. Our lube recommendation? The dual-purpose water-based Lelo Personal Moisturizer. (We love this lube so much we actually included it in our first SlutBox!)

Add In A Toy (Or Two)

Fingers and hands are great, but toys are just too much fun not to mention. There’s a toy to match any aesthetic, body type, kink, fantasy, budget and zodiac sign (seriously).  Toys are a great way to switch things up, and experience a new sensation. Some of our faves? The Satisfyer Pro Penguin (included in our December Box) is a godsend for anyone with a clitoris. The Tenga EGG (featured in our September Box) is an amazing stroker for anyone with a penis, and the Crescendo by MysteryVibe ($50 gift card to MysteryVibe featured in our September Box) is a perfect match for any body.

Try “Edging”

Right before you orgasm, back off and slow everything down. This concept is called “edging,” and this tease will heighten your excitement and make your orgasm 10x more powerful. Go through the cycle a few times and ride the waves of pleasure as long as you can. When you finally allow yourself that sweet release, it’ll be all the more worth it.

Rock Your Body

Laying on your back is the most comfortable position for many folx. It’s relaxing, it offers easy access, and you get the added bonus of laying down. However, it doesn’t hurt to switch things up and try a new position. Stand up, lean against a counter or the wall, sit upright in a chair or on the couch, or get on all fours. While you’re switching positions, add in some motion. Moving your hips can help increase intensity and lead to more pleasure! Next time you’re engaging in solo play, move your hips in a circular or back-and-forth motion, or whatever feels best to you! Increase the speed as you get closer to climaxing.

Try A Visual Aid

Porn is hot. Period. Even if you’ve decided that traditional Bang Bros-style porn isn’t for you, I bet there’s a type of porn out there that will get your rocks off. Oh, and I’m not just talking about video porn (although there’s a lot of good videos out there). Try reading erotic literature, or listening to super-hot audio porn. A bit part of masturbation is fantasy, and porn is a great place to kick off some fantasies of your own.

Keep Experimenting

Try out new ways to feel pleasure. Get creative. Get weird. Pick up a new toy, or switch positions. Try masturbating right when you first wake up, or in the shower. Try masturbating in front of a partner. Masturbation is a healthy practice, and a crucial part of self care. So get into it, explore what you like, blow off some steam and learn about your body. What have you got to lose?

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