SlutBox is a monthly subscription focused on beauty, fashion, body positivity and activism...

With every box, Amber Rose and her team at SlutBox curate an experience designed to empower, uplift, and educate. SlutBox is inclusive, so no matter how you identify or where you’re from, you belong. You don’t even have to have sex! We’re here to make sure you feel respected and taken care of.

Each SlutBox comes filled with carefully selected items to make you feel good from the inside out. We’ve got everything -- beauty and body care, safe sex tools and useful activism how-to’s -- and the list goes on and on.

SlutBox is more than just a box of things, it’s meant to jumpstart a community where we can come together and use the tools we’re given every month to create something that will help others. And why not feel good while you’re doing it?

  • 5-7+ slut-quality items (~$100+ value)
  • Beauty, sex-positivity, fashion & more
  • Interviews, guides, inspo & more
  • Charity & Giving partnerships

Every box includes $100+ in value and focuses on issues important to Amber Rose. From intersectional feminism to slut-shaming, SlutBox is for ALL marginalized voices to have power & feel heard.