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School’s In Sexxion | Meet Mia

The most important thing a Slut can have in their bag is knowledge Isn’t that what the SlutWalk is really about Meet Mia, an artist, and hear... Read More >

Sex & Love

Talk Dirty To Me: A Slutcential Guide To Sexy Talk

Dirty talk is an easy, sexy, creative way to amp things up with bae Maybe you’ve already mastered sexting (or straight-up phone sex if you’re... Read More >

Beauty & Fashion

Unbox With Me: August The Body Electric SlutBox

So as y'all know, SlutBox is a monthly subscription box curated by MUVA Amber Rose herself, full of beauty, fashion, safe and fun sex tools and... Read More >

Beauty & Fashion

Steal Amber Rose’s Style

Amber Rose is an icon of modern style From red carpets to dropping her son Sebastian off at school, MUVA stuns We've analyzed her go-to looks and... Read More >

Sex & Love

The Best Sex Toy For Your Zodiac Sign

This may surprise you, but each sign of the zodiac has a corresponding sex toy that'll really get their rocks off Don't believe me It's written in... Read More >

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