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What Is Precum? Everything You Need To Know

Pre-cum (aka pre-ejaculate) is something you have likely encountered if you have sex with someone who has a penis You've probably seen it You've... Read More >

Sex & Love

Talk Dirty To Me: SlutBox’s Essential Guide To Sexy Talk

Dirty talk is an easy, sexy, creative way to amp things up with bae Maybe you’ve already mastered sexting (or straight-up phone sex if you’re... Read More >


So You’re Attending A Drag Show | Drag Show Etiquette 101

So you’re headed to your first drag show! Drag has exploded into the mainstream cultural zeitgeist RuPaul’s empire is unshakable after 10... Read More >

Sex & Love

SlutBox’s Guide To Taking A Fire Nude

If you’ve ever found yourself lying on your bed with your back painfully arched, attempting to capture a casually-sexy... Read More >

Sex & Love

How To Remove Sex Stains From Anything

There’s a few things you don’t want hanging around after a hookup… A wrist cramp, a UTI, a clingy ex… or stains on your sheets No matter how... Read More >

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